Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Yummy Discoveries!

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so today, I had ingredients in my fridge to make Brigadeiro. However, no sprinkles to roll them into fun bite-sized balls. Normally in this situation, you just go ahead and make the Brigadeiro and let everyone eat it with a spoon... or put it on fruit or what have you. I had already made a batch of Cheese Bread though so after the Brigadeiro cooled, I cut a piece of cheese bread in half and slathered brigadeiro onto both halves. Let me tell you. WOW. I already knew Doce de Leite was good on Pao de Queijo, but I had NO idea how yummy chocolate was. 
   This is a must try. If you would like to make both of these recipes... follow the links I have in this post to direct you to the right recipes. Make the cheese bread and brigadeiro, and eat them TOGETHER. You will discover a new taste you've never had before... and it will be your new favorite snack. WOW!

And amidst all of the enjoyment of my new found delicacy, I forgot to take a picture. :(

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