Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's All Portuguese to Me! Part 3. Sugars/Oils/Fats

Brazilian Cooking Terms and Ingredients Made Easy

Part 3 -  Sugars/Oils/Fats

So either in you live in Brazil, and are having trouble figuring out what flour is called here, or you are outside of Brazil trying to make a Brazilian recipe, and can't figure out what the heck "farinha de trigo" is! This section is here to help those in situations like these. Check back often because I will update this particular entry everytime I think of something else. It is important to know what ingredients translate into, and what cooking terms mean. Once you master this part of it, you'll be able to breeze through any Brazilian recipe. If I'm missing anything, feel free to send me an email!

açúcar granulado (or just açúcar) - granulated sugar * fine ground sugar will have "fino" written on it.
açúcar cristalizado - also granulated sugar
açúcar mascavo - brown sugar
açúcar de confeiteiro (usually as a brand called "Glaçúcar") - powdered/confectioner's sugar
adoçante - usually what any non calorie sweetener is referred to, but it does cover all sweetener in general
açúcar de cana - sugar cane.. can come in both a powdered or liquid form

Oleo - Oil
azeite - Olive Oil
dendê - Palm Oil
óleo de gergelim - Sesame Oil
óleo de linhaça - Flax seed Oil
óleo vegetal - Vegetable oil
óleo de soja - Soy oil (most popular--- used for almost everything)
óleo de girassol - Sunflower oil
óleo de coco - Coconut Oil
óleo de amendoim - Peanut Oil


gordura vegetal - Vegetable Fat/Shortening
banha de porco (or just Banha) - Lard 
manteiga - butter
Manteiga de coco - Coconut butter (very healthy!)
margarina - margarine
creme de leite - heavy cream (not necessarily the same thing needed for making whipped cream!)

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